Japan Flag



GDP:$4.384 trillion

GDP Growth Rate:2% (2008)

After three decades of economic growth beginning in the 1960s, the “Japanese Miracle,” began a drastic downturn in the 1990s. Japan, known for its commitment to government-industry cooperation, a strict work ethic, technological advances, and its keiretsu system of complex corporate alliances, has only recently begun its long road to economic recovery. Join us for an in-depth study of the world’s third largest economy and its industrial and service sectors that are reemerging after more than a decade of shrinking economic activity. Today, Japan continues to produce some of the world’s leading brand name products. Vehicles, textiles, chemicals, and electronic equipment are just some of the goods produced in Osaka, Tokyo, and other economic centers. Groups visiting Tokyo, the nation’s economic and political capital, will learn how the government and the private sector balance economic growth with environmental protection. You may also see how global leaders such as the automaker Toyota and media giant Sony Corporation are retooling to meet the rising demand for environmentally-safe products. The results are innovative products such as the Toyota Prius and other hybrid electric automobiles that have made Japan a leader in “Green Technology.”

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