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Capital:Mexico City


GDP:$893.4 billion

GDP Growth Rate:3.2% (2008)

Mexico, once the location of the fearsome Aztec Empire, enjoys a trillion dollar free market economy. With Latin America’s second largest economy, Mexico is aptly named the “Workshop of North America” due to its large manufacturing base. Seminars visit Mexico City, one of the world’s largest industrial and financial centers, or Monterrey, ranked as one of the best cities in Latin America in which to do business. Since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico ships 80% of its export goods to the United States. However, Mexico also has 12 other free trade agreements with more than 40 nations including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Japan. These intimate economic relationships have shaped Mexican economic policy over the past decade and created investor-friendly markets. Improvements in the agricultural, mining and oil industries are also reducing the high unemployment and poverty rates that traditionally affect Mexico. Due to its proximity and importance to the United States economy, Mexico is an important economy for American students to know and understand.

Featured Itinerary

Many seminars focus on "Doing Business in Mexico." These seminars survey Mexico's diverse business sectors by visiting a variety of companies focusing on Mexico City and Guadalajara. As with all GLC Travel Seminars, the itinerary is fully customizable.

Mexico City: Days 1-5

Business Highlights: Potential Company visits include Argos Communicacio, Avantel, Bancomext, Banobras, Cinemex, Esperanto Films, FEMSA, Grupo CIE, Interjet, Jumex, MVS Communicaciones, Pemex, Penoles, Sears, Semex, Televisa, TV Azteca, Urbi, Voit, and many more.

Cultural Highlights: Zocalo / Plaza de la Constiticion, Museo del Templo Mayor, Catedral Metropolitana, Moorish Kiosk, Chapultepec Park, National Museum of Anthropology, Piramidi di Teotihuacan, Palacio de Bella Artes, National Palace, Paseo de la Reforma.

Guadalajara: Days 6-10

Business Highlights: Potential Company visits include Flextronics, Falco Electronics, General Electric, IBM, Itel Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Oracle, TCS, Jabil Circuit and many others.

Cultural Highlights: Tepatio - Tour of the City, Charreada - Mexican Rodeo, Tequila Express, Teatro Degollado, Tonala Marketplace, Monument to Beatriz Hernandez, Templo Expiatorio, Instituto Cultural Cabanas.

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Mexico City, Mexico

"Visiting Mexico City dispelled all preconceived notions I had. Its size was mind-blowing and its Aztec and Mayan history was staggering. Best of all, the company visits gave us a great feel for the overall make-up of the economy."

      -Siobhan O'Neal, Global MBA Student