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GDP:$136.6 Billion

GDP Growth Rate:5.4% (2008)

Morocco’s economy is considered relatively liberal and has been following a trend of privatization since about 1993. Morocco is geographically located with strategic advantage. The Strait of Gibraltar borders Morocco and Morocco controls part of it which gives it some power over the inflows and outflows of vessels over the waterways of the Mediterranean sea. Morocco’s major resources include agriculture, phosphates, and tourism. Morocco is the third largest producer of phosphorous after China (1st) and the U.S. (2nd) but is the world’s largest exporter of phosphorous. Morocco’s major exports are foods of all kinds including meats, fruits, and nuts. The World Bank forecasts a growth rate of 4% for 2012 and 4.2% for 2013.

Featured Itinerary

Many seminars focus on "Doing Business in Morocco." These seminars survey Morocco's diverse business sectors by visiting a variety of companies focusing on Casablanca and Tangier. With its natural beauty, modern economy and rich history, Morocco is an excellent destination for our travel seminars. As with all GLC Travel Seminars, the itinerary is fully customizable. For example a travel seminar can include a visit to both Morocco and Spain.

Casablanca: Days 1-5

Casablanca exemplifies modern Morocco but it also exists in complete harmony with the rich cultural heritage it has acquired over centuries. Most of Morocco's banks and more than 60% of Morocco's high tech companies are located in Casablanca. Furthermore, Casablanca handles 70% of the national maritime traffic in the Mediterranean sea.

Business Highlights: Potential Company visits include Microsoft, Hzimate, Multiceramic, HP, Mercedes, OCP and many more.

Cultural Highlights: Art Deco Buildings, Hassan II Mosque, Place Mohammed V, Quartier Habous, Parc de la Ligue Arabe, Ancienne Medina, Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur, Twin Center, Villa des Arts, Chleuh Mosque, Royal Palace.

Tangier: Days 6-10

Tangier is the second most important industrial center after Casablanca. The diverse industrial sectors include: textile, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and naval. Currently, there are four major industrial parks with two of the parks having "free economic zone" status.

Business Highlights: Potential Company visits include Green Security Systems, Renault, Delphi, TRACOMETAL s.a.r.l., Larinor, GIM Electronics, R-Lights, and many others.

Cultural Highlights: Dar el Makhzen, Tangier American Legation Museum, Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities, Museum of Contemporary Art (Tangier), Fondation Lorin, Tangier Grand Mosque, Kasbah Mosque, Petit Socco, Grand Socco, Gran Teatro Cervantes, Quartier du Marshan.

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Casablanca, Morocco

"I had many preconceptions about Morocco, none of which were valid. Its beauty was breathtaking and the people were warm and courteous. It's easy to understand how it inspired a classic!"

      -Thomas Adriano, MBA Student

Tangier, Morocco

"Tangier's status as a "free economic zone" was extremely interesting to see in action. It was a fascinating trip and was very informative and revealing. After the visit I felt well-informed and would love to do it again. I recommend it to anyone!"

      -Francois Peters, Global MBA Student