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GLC Joins British American Business Council of New England


It is with great pleasure that the Global Learning Company announces that it has joined the British American Business Council of New England (BABCNE) Over the past decade, GLC has developed an enduring connection with the United Kingdom, haven taken dozens of groups to London, to explore the local economy and culture. Our London Financial Markets seminar has been one of our most popular offerings, and are offered annually at local universities, including Boston College and Suffolk University. More and more, we have also had the pleasure to bring UK student groups to our hometown here in Boston, with seminars focused on innovation and technology As a new member of BABCNE, we hope to continue our work bridging two vibrant economies and cultures and to further the mission of the Council.

Sharon Ambrose joins GLC as Director of Client Relations


The Global Learning Company is delighted to welcome the newest member of our team – Sharon Ambrose – as Director of Client Relations. Sharon comes to us after working for nearly 15 years in higher education, first at Harvard University where she worked closely with its diverse international student population, and more recently at Babson College where she worked in the Office of International Programs managing short-term faculty-led programs abroad, as well as their international consulting program. Needless to say, she harnesses a wealth of knowledge and information related to international experiences, and we are thrilled to have her on board. The Global Learning Company is a leader in design and delivery of customized academic travel programs, known as Global Travel Seminars. Seminars are customized under faculty direction to accomplish specific academic goals, providing crucial experiences necessary for the development of a student’s global mindset. Our seminars can be delivered while relying on minimal university resources – an important factor in this challenging economic climate. Our comprehensive service package includes marketing assistance, participant information management, flight and visa arrangement and much more, minimizing your need for dedicated staff or resources. Our services provide high value at a reasonable cost for student participants. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways in which the Global Learning Company can help fulfill your program needs, and eagerly look forward to the opportunity to serve you and to deliver a powerful international experience. To learn more about the Global Learning Company, visit our website at Please feel free to contact us at 1.617.797.1965 to request a proposal, or submit a request online.

Barbara Rhodes Joins GLC as Program Manager


It is with great pleasure that the Global Learning Company announces that Barbara Rhodes will join our team as a Program Manager. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, and now based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Barbara will work closely with university administrators and faculty leaders to develop customized faculty-led programs. Barbara combines significant travel development experience with a strong educational background, holding MBA and Juris Doctor degrees from Suffolk University and a graduate certificate in Project Management from Northeastern University. She is also a licensed attorney. Considering herself as a citizen of the world, she is passionate about contributing to globalization by bridging the gap where international travel meets education.

Babson College Seminar:  Visit to Rural China


Traveling in the countryside near Taishan, China on a recent travel seminar, twenty-five Babson College MBA students became the first “westerners” to ever visit the ancestral village of their professor, Robert Eng. During this once-in-a-lifetime exchange, students were hosted by local villagers for a tea ceremony inside their homes and invited to explore the village and surrounding fields.

Though the village maintains traditional culture and values, students could easily see the long reach of globalization in the lives of the villagers. Most of the working age population has disappeared from the village, forsaking farming for higher paying factory jobs in nearby Foshan, Dongguan, and Shenzhen making textiles and electronics for the global market. Seeing the living and working conditions in rural China allowed these students to form more informed opinions in the ongoing discussions about globalization and outsourcing production to the developing world.

Clearly moved by the experience, students donated funds to the village for the construction of a town meeting hall that will host ceremonies and celebrations for generations to come. The village has commemorated the donation by committing to inscribe the names of every student on the wall of the new meeting hall, creating a legacy that will endure well after the students return home.

To learn how you can create your own meaningful learning experience, contact Michael Brown at the Global Learning Company at 617.797.1965 or today to request a proposal.

Bentley Univ. Seminar:  Survey of Nuclear Energy in France


Nearly one year to the day after the Fukushima Nuclear accident in Japan, Professor John Tommasi of Bentley University embarked on a tour of France with 18 of his undergraduate business students to explore the status of nuclear energy in the country.

Home to arguably the most advanced nuclear industry in the world, France proved to be the perfect laboratory to investigate the benefits, concerns, and future of nuclear energy. During a one week intensive visit to France the group visited ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), the world’s most advanced experimental tokamak nuclear fusion reactor in Cadarache, France; the Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant, one of the most important nuclear technology sites in the world and site of advanced uranium enrichment and recycling facilities, and Brennillis Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear power plant to be decommissioned in France. After touring the nuclear production facilities, the group ended their program in Paris with meetings with Authorite de Surete Nucleaire (ASN) and the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Nuclear Energy Agency. The OECD panel included an expert in the Fukushima Accident Recovery, which tied together the latest developments in the industry and shared thoughts about the road forward for nuclear energy.

As the issues of energy economics and climate change remain central to policy making and economic growth, the question of nuclear energy’s role in our society looms large. Having gained access to advanced nuclear facilities and to leading nuclear experts, and combining these interactions with Professor Tommasi’s instruction and leadership provided an strong experiential learning opportunity.

Plans are already underway for a return trip with Professor Tommasi and a new group of students in March 2013. To learn how you can plan a customized trip built to accomplish your own learning goals, please contact Michael Brown at 617.797.1965 or

GLC Launches Internship Program


The Global Learning Company is announcing that multiple internship positions will be offered during the 2012 Spring and Summer semesters to graduate business students. Global Marketing interns will be given the responsibility to research and develop emerging markets for GLC, while Global Business interns will be given GLC research and development projects to coordinate.

For more information or to apply, please contact Michael Brown at

GLC to host Oxford-Brookes University MSc Students


The Global Learning Co. welcomes 35 MSc students from Oxford-Brookes University, located in Oxford, England, to our home town, Boston, this July. Under the leadership of Professor Gabor Lukacs, students will explore Boston’s unique position as a global knowledge cluster and center for innovation. Our itinerary features visits to Harvard and MIT Universities, meetings with executives from leading financial services, biotechnology and clean technology companies, and cultural immersion experiences throughout New England. To learn how to build your own seminar as innovative as Boston itself, request

Mali Travel Seminars:  From here to Timbuktu


The Global Learning Co. is proud to now offer study tours to Mali. Located in the heart of West Africa, Mali is an inspiring destination for those interested to learn about the economic emergence of Africa. Home of the legendary city of Timbuktu, the ancient city of learning located on the edge of the Sahara, Mali is also one of the strongest democracies on the continent.

For business study tours, Mali's economic position is instructive. Being landlocked with almost 65% of its territory desert or semi desert, Mali is one of the poorest countries on earth. Yet the economy has been growing at 5% each year over the last decade as IMF guidelines for development have been steadily implemented. Infrastructure projects are attracting foreign investment and the tourist industry is growing.

Study tours in Mali often start in Bamako, the capital, visit Mopti and Dogon Country, and continue on to Timbuktu before returning home. For those interested in music, a study tour of Mali's rich musical heritage can be created to include a VIP experience at the world renowned Festival of the Desert, held 2 hours outside of Timbuktu in the desert oasis of Essakane, every January.

To learn more, request a proposal.

Featured Seminar:  China’s Financial Markets


Explore China's financial industry by creating a customized faculty seminar to Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. We leverage a variety of contacts with the financial industry to build a program to suit you academic goals. CEO level presenters in asset management, private equity, banking, real estate tell the story of the rise of China's financial markets through real experience and personal insight. To learn more about our seminars in China, please request a proposal