GLC Global Learning Seminars

On a Global Learning Company seminar, the world is your classroom. Global learning seminars are academic study tours to business destinations around the globe. Normally one to three weeks in duration, our seminars feature cutting edge meetings with business executives, political leaders, and academic leaders. Students visit the boardrooms and production facilities of leading global companies, and are immersed into the local culture. Engaging in a direct experience in the international business setting provides an unparalleled learning experience for participants, undeniably building the global mindset necessary to succeed.

The Global Learning Seminar Experience

Case Studies Come to Life

Each Global Travel Seminar features visits to a variety of companies and other business related organizations. The core benefit of these visits is direct interaction with leaders who share their knowledge and experience.

A sample of customized learning experiences:

While visiting BMW’s Global Headquarters in Munich, Germany, students consulted with senior executives about corporate strategy and toured facilities. After gaining insight into operations, students collaborated on a case study developed by BMW on a real issue faced by the company and presented their solutions to the executive team.

At a company visit to Nakheel’s Global Headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, students received a presentation about the company’s vision for development. After the briefing, students embarked on a boat tour of “The World,” Nakheel’s man-made islands replicating the seven continents off the coast of Dubai.

Immersed in the Culture

Culture is the window through which local business customs and negotiation styles are understood. Immersion in the local business environment is therefore a crucial aspect of each student's global travel seminar experience. Core cultural activities on a travel seminar include tours of historical landmarks, artistic performances and authentic culinary experiences. All are designed to complement and enhance each student's knowledge gained through company visits.

Building your seminar

GLC Global Travel Seminars are developed in partnership with insitutions of higher education. The seminars are customizable to meet the precise demands of a faculty leader. Faculty establish the learning goals and itinerary requirements and the Global Learning Company builds the experience. Global Travel Seminars are designed to fit into university curriculum, whether it be on an undergraduate, graduate, or executive level. We provide everything needed to ensure success. From teaching resources such as syllabus templates and sample assignments, to an online seminar classroom loaded with business and travel resources, to our years of experience building Global Travel Seminars, the Global Learning Company can help you offer students unparalled learning experiences.

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“ In Germany, my students met executives from some of the world's best companies: BMW, Adidas, and Lufthansa. At each visit, they were asked to analyze and present solutions to real-life case studies I created in partnership with our executive hosts. The direct connection to leaders running global corporations created an unmatched learning experience.”

Michael Behnam, Associate Professor of Management


“In London we took the tube (subway) everywhere we went, diving right into the life of the city. My favorite visit was to Lloyds of London, the famouos insurance market. We were able to tour the innovative headquarters and visit the active trading floor.

Colleen Murphy, Undergraduate Business Student