Global Learning Company Services

Travel is only the beginning. Ensuring a successful learning experience, demands academic, administrative, and logistical expertise. The Global Learning Company makes it easy. The Global Learning Company has the experience, knowledge and tools to develop an exceptional impact-focused global learning seminar for both faculty and students.

Seminar Development Managers

A global learning seminar development manager works in partnership with faculty leaders throughout the seminar development and deployment process. The manager facilitates the seminar by scheduling company visits that match course objectives and seamlessly weaves business and cultural experiences within a logistical framework. We organize your travel—flights, hotel, ground transportation, and other logistical amenities.

Dedicated Online Portal for each Seminar

Each seminar has its own password protected portal that houses seminar information, itinerary, travel guide and a business research center. Faculty can administer the course through the portal and will find specialized faculty resources loaded into their private area of the portal. Students can enter personal travel information - for example, dietary and roommate requests - directly into online forms.

Comprehensive Support

With years of experience in university settings, we know all the administrative tasks that go along with planning, marketing and administering a travel seminar. We make it easy by providing layers of assistance. We automate collection of student travel information, coordinate visas and flight arrangements, and can come directly to your campus to hold information and orientation sessions or implement seminar advertising campaigns. We provide superior one-on-one customer service to faculty and students throughout the global learning seminar experience.


“Having led travel seminars in the past, I know how complicated and time consuming developing the courses can be. The Global Learning Company efficiently manages the process allowing time to be spent on research and guiding students through the experience.”

Tracy Noga, Ph.D, CPA Assistant Professor of Accounting