GLC Benefits:  Students

To get ahead, students must think globally. Opportunities and challenges in the business world now emerge from any corner of Earth. GLC global learning seminars deliver powerful global learning experiences by taking you directly to international business centers - from Brazil to China, to Dubai to London. Seminars feature interactive meetings with business and government experts, visits to boardrooms and production facilities of leading global companies, and immersion in the local culture. Global learning seminars are uniquely powerful experiences that develop the global mindset you need to be successful in today's business world.

Your Opportunity

Global learning seminars are built in collaboration with universities. GLC builds each global learning seminar around specific learning objectives and itinerary requirements of a university and its faculty leader. The faculty leader guides students through the travel experience, combining theoretical learning principles with real life business practice. Seminars are created to fit into your university experience with travel taking place during normal breaks in the academic schedule, such as winter break, spring break, and summer.

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“My experience in China has fueled my desire to become a global manager. I walked on a world wonder, experienced an ancient culture and immersed myself into a country of enormous disparity. My original intention was a visit a country that I would not normally visit alone. However, experiencing the intricacies of the Chinese business world has changed my viewpoint of the country. I would work in China in a heartbeat.

Nicholas Picard, Global MBA Student