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Today, all institutions of higher education must have global reach. In order to stay competitive universities are integrating curriculum with international experience. Global Learning Company collaborates with schools to build faculty-led study-tours, known as global learning seminars, to destinations around the globe. Our seminars are customized academic experiences featuring meetings with local experts, visits to leading companies, and cultural immersion. The seminar is built to achieve specific learning objectives set by a faculty leader, creating unique, powerful learning experiences.

Partnerships for Success

The Global Learning Company has a combined 35 years in international business education. We understand what a university needs to be successful and our mission is to be a partner to your success. We are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of experiences and services that universities need. We have extensive corporate, logistical, academic networks, robust business and travel resources, and experienced program managers. Our services allow universities to improve bottom lines by creating the programs students demand while minimizing school resources.

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“ Traveling to China was the chance of a lifetime. Not only were we able to visit Beijing and Shanghai, but we also had a day long excursion to a small village hours away from any major city. To contrast China's explosive urban growth with its more stagnant rural conditions brought the reality of China home for me. ”

John Mahoney, MBA Student